About us

Create positive change

Avanti's Mission:

Create positive change in local communities.

What makes Avanti different

Create positive change

New earning opportunities for high school students

With Avanti, local, qualified high school students can save for the future while contributing to their neighborhoods in a positive way. It's a win-win for all involved.

Create positive change

A convenient way for neighbors to get the help they need

Rather than posting a call for help into the void of Facebook or hiring a random adult from 20 miles away. Avanti makes local hiring easy and affordable.

Create positive change

Bringing fair labor practices to the local services economy

Companies like Instacart and Wag force their workers to travel long distances and work full time without benefits. Avanti helpers are local and use Avanti to help their communities.

Our Story

Where the passion comes from.

Just a few years ago when we were in high school, no practical opportunities existed for us to make money while keeping up with our demanding high school schedule. Now that we're a bit older, we want to solve this problem for the millions of high school students who work hard to balance school, extracurriculars, and life, while also wanting to make money on the side.

On top of that, we want to strengthen communities. By using Avanti to hire a local student, you can get help safely and affordably while investing in the future of your own neighborhood.

Although we are thinking big, our focus is narrow. We care about the tight knit neighborhoods that we grew up in, and as a company that is where our attention will stay. In the future, our goal is to create lasting impact in hard-hit communities by giving time and money to those who need it.

We can't wait for you to come along with us for this crazy ride. There's just one thing left to do.

Hire a Helper today.

Meet the Team

In high school, we struggled to find odd-jobs to fit our busy schedules. We want to make it so that future students don't have to.


Alexander Fantappie

Chief Executive Officer

Matt Hashimoto

Chief Technology Officer

Charlize Dang

VP of Engineering